Great Outback BBQ

In support of Frontier Services, Keiraview is hosting a Great Outback BBQ this Sunday, 11 September, with a service from 10:30.gentlemen bbqing

As part of the Great Outback BBQ, there will only be one church service at 10:30 am. (There will be no normal morning or evening service).

Dan McAloon

Dan McAloon from Frontier Services will speak at the services.

Obviously, given this is for the Great Outback BBQ, a BBQ will follow the service.

All are welcome.


Frontier Services is a charity and agency of the Uniting Church and grew out of the pioneering work begun in 1912 by the Rev John Flynn (Flynn of the Inland). They work with people across 85% of the continent in regional centres, Aboriginal communities, isolated properties and mining sites.

You can read more about Frontier Services important work here.