Keiraview Uniting Church is a welcoming congregation. We value friendship and fellowship. We are united in diversity. Our people are prepared to listen and think. Our church has a clear vision and mission plan to cultivate, grow and develop disciples for Jesus Christ within the current church community and the local community in which we all live.

Together we follow Jesus’ example and teaching, accepting Him as the Son of God, valuing all of God’s creation and ‘sharing life’s journey with faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ’. We are bible-based and have an adherence to the Apostles’ & Nicene Creeds.

Hi Church Family,

This Sunday we have two services that you can take part in.


The first service is the recorded online service. To be apart of that service you can join us on Youtube using the following link:

If you would rather the written version, you can find it here: 

We also have an evening Zoom service at 6pm tonight with the help of the Young Samarateens. The link to that service will be posted via the Yahoo Group. This will be to talk, laugh, have some sharing and announcements and receive a blessing for the week.