Special Services


For our Christmas Service times, please see the Home Page.


Our church will be happy to baptise your children. Baptisms take place in the normal Sunday services. If you want to have a baptism, you will need to contact the minister. We will then arrange to meet and talk through the details of the service, a little about the meaning of baptism, and get some details. We may not be able to give you the Sunday you want, so please don’t set your heart on a specific date until you contact us. There is no charge for baptisms.


Keiraview are happy to perform weddings both in the church and in other venues. The process is as follows:

– you will need to contact one of the ministry team.

– a meeting is arranged to talk through the kind of service we offer, and what you might be looking for.

– you will need to do a pre-marriage course, which involves three to four sessions (for details see here ).

– the service is finalised together with any other legal details.

– a walk through of the service (usually the Thursday before your wedding)

– the big day itself!

  • Due to legal requirements you need to give at least a month and a day’s notice
  • You need to check availability of the date you require
  • The church will seat up to about 180 comfortably
  • You will need to have birth certificates (and divorce or death certificates if either of you have been married before)


If you need to organise a funeral service for a loved one please contact the minister.