We seek to find ways to support, nurture, and encourage people with the love of Christ at stages in their life’s journey. Our commitment is to continue to develop these four specific areas:

Youth – we provide a series of youth groups, in which young people can find a safe place to both explore their faith and have fun. We seek to broaden their horizons through attending NCYC (National Christian Youth Convention), and other wider church activities.

Aged Care – we continue to maintain and develop our links with the Farmborough Aged Care facility through providing both some chaplaincy and volunteers.

Nurture – we seek to encourage people to grow in their faith, and provide opportunities for them to fulfill God’s call. We do this by:

– continuing to develop our worshipping life in differing styles

– encouraging people to explore and grow in their spirituality

– providing pastoral care for those in need.

– allowing people the freedom to follow God’s call for them


within the life of the congregation

within the wider church

in responsibility to the wider world.

(This includes the support of various charities; working for social justice through encouraging Fair Trade; supporting Christian groups such as Kairos, Operation Christmas Child, Gideons and the Bible Society.)

These areas are all co-ordinated by the Church Council, through its Mission Action Teams. In all these areas we seek to develop leadership and find opportunities for training. The paid employees are to facilitate the mission of the whole congregation.

We seek to develop the above areas, whilst still being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.